About Bjorn Koch

Bjorn Koch 1
Bjorn Koch

Bjorn Koch was born in a small town outside of Cologne, Germany.  After the age of 2, he moved a couple of times around Germany near Munich.  Growing up, Bjorn.  By the age of 5, Bjorn started playing soccer and grew to love the sport.  He played up until the age of 18, playing for his high school varsity team.  Bjorn was quite the athlete as he also enjoyed playing basketball and tennis.  He’s recently picked up golf as well but is still working on his game.

At age 15 he had moved to Indiana of the United States.  After high school, Bjorn attended school in Germany, where he studied business administration.  Following college, Bjorn took a job with a finance software startup to begin his career.

Personal Interests

Bjorn has had time to appreciate the cultural landscape that has surrounded him his entire life. Currently positioned in Boston, Bjorn Koch makes time to travel frequently New York City for business purposes and other cities around the world for leisure. Bjorn Koch makes sure to travel often and appreciate cuisine from all over the world.

He travels often to Europe to visit family and other regions of the continent such as Tenerife, the South of Spain, Dublin, Rome, Milan, Florence, London, Provence, and the French Riviera. In South America and the Caribbean, he has traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Punta de L’este, Guadeloupe, and St. Barths. He has also traveled to various destinations in Southeast Asia such as Manila, the Philippines, and Singapore. He has also been to Tokyo a couple of times. Coming from a culturally diverse family, Bjorn Koch speaks four different languages: German, English, Swedish, and Spanish.

Bjorn Koch takes full advantage of the cultural diversity of the places he is able to visit. He enjoys fine dining and encourages others to experience the art of fine dining as well.


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