Restaurants to keep your New Year’s resolutions (not just the healthy ones)

Want to live better in 2016? Then start by eating better food. We’ve got some ideas about where to go to keep any resolution.

Stop drinking

Depending on how intense your relationship is with alcohol, Sober January can be a great exercise in finding other ways to have fun (bonus: you’ll sleep much better when you haven’t been drinking). We’re not saying hop on a wagon, but all those amazing housemade sodas, new bitters and mixers like tea that bartenders churned out in 2015 don’t need liquor to prop them up. Check out the offbeat cocktail menu at Quality Eats (19 Greenwich Ave.), the new steakhouse for the rest of us, then challenge the bartenders to use their black garlic and evergreen bitters in new ways.

Try new things

Admit it — you talk a good foodie game, but most of what you’ve been eating is what’s around your office and apartment. Left to your own devices, the chances of taking a risk with a new dish or switching trains to check out a new spot aren’t as good as you’d like them to be. But food is one of the things that makes New York City the greatest in the world, so next time you’re looking for a meal worth the hype, head to Gabriel Kreuther (41 W. 42nd St., Midtown West). Upscale but accessible, your splurge will be rewarded with an experience that’s already a new NYC fine dining classic.


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Restaurants to keep your New Year’s resolutions (not just the healthy ones)




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