Revolutionary Humber River Hospital Opens Doors

Humber River Regional HospitalThe first robot operated hospital in North America opened its doors to the public last week. Considered to be the first fully digital hospital in North America, the Humber River Hospital in Toronto, CA looks to revolutionize how healthcare is provided.

The new hospital unveiled the $1.7 billion investment to the public on October 18. Humber River Hospital features the most advanced technologies available, including robots that man several areas of the facility. The radiology area, where they facilitate the X-Ray procedure, and the chemotherapy area, where they mix, prepare and monitor the drugs administered to the patients will both rely on the robots.

Before the drugs get to the patient’s hands, each package is examined and scanned thoroughly through an information management system to ensure that the patients gets the correct treatment. The robots will also assist the health care staff by carrying and delivering medical supplies as well as food for patients.

The hospital hopes to improve efficiency of the hospital and safety of the patients through the use of this new-age technology. The facility aims to be a model for the future, demonstrating how vital a role technology plays within our society and how it can improve all industries.

As for those who are skeptical about the use of robots to provide health care services, Chief Operating Officer Barb Ballins responds, “it’s safer to have an alarm telling me if (a patient) got out of bed and fell, than not knowing,” and “Robots are robots, but they still need monitoring.”

Furthermore, the addition of robots has allowed the hospital to actually add jobs, not axe them. The hospital has actually hired 700 more employees to staff the hospital’s 656 rooms.

On the opening day, 351 patients were successfully transferred to the new facility in Toronto, CA. The patients were very excited about the moving to the new hospital and getting treatment in such a revolutionary place. Each room is equipped with a touchpad where they can see all of their medical records and charts, contact their loved ones, and even play games.

Check out this video below, which showcases more of the new technology available at the hospital.

from Bjorn Koch | Healthcare

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