Review: CATCH Restaurant NYC

Meow York


Neighborhood: Meat-packing district

Price Level: $100+ (per 2 people)

When I went to CATCH, my first thought was, “really, CATCH? How pretentious.” The restaurant is multiple levels, the first level just an elevator lobby. Its pretty fancy, dressy or business casual is acceptable attire. The wait time is exactly what you’d expect of the trendy meat-packing district on a weekend night: long. Make a reservation, and show up on time, or you’ll have to wait and spend extra money and calories at the bar. They practice economy of space, and seating is essentially sitting on the person next to you, unable to hear whoever you’re with. Lots of squeezing and sorry’s when getting up and down. Bathrooms were nice, candlelit with an attendant (please tip them!). The staff is efficient, but very accomodating. The food doesn’t all come out as expected, in the proper course, so remember that when ordering…

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