Challenging the Status-Quo

Healthcare: Bjorn KochHealthcare is currently a highly contested topic within the United States and around the world. Governments, in both developed and developing areas, are searching for the most effective way to ensure the health of their citizens and prosperity of the country at large.

A recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that nearly 100 million people are “pushed into poverty” trying to access basic health care services. This healthcare crisis has resulted in 80 countries asking the WHO for technical assistance to shift toward Universal Health Coverage. There is currently a financial trap, as governments struggle to provide basic health services and private health care providers are simply to expensive for most to access. However, as Forbes points out in a recent article, there is a new health care innovation that is challenging the status quo of the healthcare industry.

Social enterprises are beginning to tap into underutilized resources, such as cheap technology, to improve both health care delivery and access. This technology has allowed health insurance companies to connect directly to people in need of care. For example, the growth of mobile phones in developing countries has allowed social enterprise companies to utilize technology that pairs mobile phone users with health insurance smart cards that allow them to access care at participating health center in the network.

Furthermore, other companies are focused on educating people to aid their own family members so that they have the tools to help patients recover at home instead of the hospital. The applications include videos, quizzes and interactive content that allows people to learn the necessary skills to effectively help family members recover from treatment. This not only helps provide a cheaper alternative to recovering in the hospital but also reduces the number of people admitted to the hospital because of poor care after leaving.

The most important issue that social enterprises are looking to solve is the reduction in need for services. Preventative medicine is key in reducing the cost of health care. Companies are actively implementing technology which helps discover conditions that signal for risks of harmful diseases.
There is an incredible demand for innovative technology in health care and a number of social enterprises who are rooted in helping aid those in need. These recent trends prove that when technology is in the right hands and companies co-create solutions that a great deal can be accomplished. If these recent trends are any indication, there is a lot more to look forward to.

from Bjorn Koch | Healthcare


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