Technology Creates Opportunities In Healthcare

As technology advances, so too must the systems reliant on them. The healthcare system, an industry so many depend on for their survival, is long overdue for an overhaul, and it would appear it’s getting the attention it deserves. With the digitization of patient files and the advent of remote data transfer, healthcare professionals have tools available to them that they’d never dreamt of. A shift from the traditional Break-Fix approach to healthcare, and the dawning of a Predict-and-Prevent model means a tremendous difference for us all.

Fusing future tech with modern medicine can introduce a world of preventative treatments to stave of the most threatening and costly diseases before they become a problem. While we are not strangers to wearable tech, pedometers having existed for years with the ability to measure our daily exercise, the future offers us more than the ability to count our steps. The recently released Apple Watch has some impressive features alongside being able to answer your phone from your wrist. The ability to track various health statistics, and build an entire profile of metrics can all be used alongside medical data to create a comprehensive health analysis.

Apps for mobile devices have also come a long way in their ability to aid in a healthy lifestyle. Programs with calorie counters, nutritional information and diet friendly recipes are becoming market norm. Guided meditation, sleep cycle and brain activity apps are all feasible ways to motivate personal health with the push of a button. However, this technology is now being utilized for the remote monitoring of chronic illnesses. Allowing a patient the comforts of home while maintaining a remote digital connection can drastically reduce the number of visits a patient must undergo for treatment.

The potential of this technology is limitless. When perfected, the ability to remotely connect with patients undergoing outpatient recovery can allow a person their freedom while healing from major surgery, without needing to confine them to a hospital bed. Technology in a mobile device wirelessly transmitting data to your physician, and should an emergency arise, the necessary arrangements would be taken the instant a warning sign presented itself. If this process is implemented, the time and money it would save doctors and patients will be staggering. .


from Bjorn Koch | Healthcare


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