Lockheed Martin Launches New Healthcare Technologies Platform

lockheed_martin_logo_partnerLockheed Martin is combining their wealth of resources with healthcare professionals in pursuit of launching their new healthcare technologies platform. Utilizing the greatest names of the IT field, Lockheed Martin’s mission is to bring about leaps in treatment technology and the manner in which it is utilized.

Deep in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is already undergoing the development of multiple healthcare innovations in the fields of treatment and information management. Their latest creation, the IoT (Internet of Things), is a gateway for the massive transmission of healthcare data without the need for human interference. This customer intelligence engine will measure the data gathered by hundreds of personal devices while they stream real-time information to the IoT. By doing so, insurers will be able to measure massive amounts of analytics processed through IoT’s powerful servers, and determine if greater contributing factors like climate and geographical location have an impact on the health of a population. Imagine a future where the device on your wrist can alert medical professionals the moment a heart attack strikes.

Lockheed’s partnership with Cisco, Cloudera, Illumina and Intel also looks to improve the manner data is transferred between healthcare professionals. By streamlining the entire process of sending and receiving files, the downtime between changing physicians or ascertaining pertinent medical information will be seamless. Shaving downtime and improving the speed in which professionals receive vital data will make the difference in saving a life.

In the medical industry, time is the most valuable resource. When a life hangs in the balance, a single second, the slightest misstep can rob you of everything. Lockheed Martin is addressing this issue head-on with their pioneering technology. Connecting healthcare professionals with the data necessary to do their job will undoubtedly save lives. Removing a delay will add precious seconds to a clock forever ticking down, and give hundreds a chance at life they would have otherwise missed.

from Bjorn Koch | Healthcare http://ift.tt/1J1oGMt

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