Basque Culinary Center – Donostia

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Para ser universal, hay que ser local. Joan Miró

When I arrived at the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) in Donostia (San Sebastián) on Monday, I felt like I was penetrating a Bond-movie clandestine lair. First, a little background.

On Mondays, Nerua is closed to the public. This is our day of rest (dia de descanso) except if the restaurant hosts a private event. I have never savored a day off so much as I have since starting at Nerua. We work hard. Really hard. But I love it – I have to be ON at all moments, and the occasional lows (the egg yolk and vanilla cream siphon malfunction during service) are balanced by exhilarating highs. Still, the body gets physically exhausted. You’re on your feet all day, lifting crates of vegetables, scrubbing surfaces multiple times until they shine, hefting plates, chop-chop-chopping, and lugging a juicer across the kitchen so…

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