The Future Of Cancer Testing

If a simple blood test could determine if you’re a Cancer risk, would you take it? What if, should the results be negative, there was a treatment to prevent it before warning signs let you know it’s too late? Scientists are developing an early testing procedure to catch and treat Cancer before it ever becomes a problem. A revolutionary program with untold potential, the scientists developing this treatment are on the verge of arguably the greatest scientific advance ever.

Identifying which particular genes lead to a vulnerability to cancer cells, scientists have been developing a treatment to better identify this genetic imprint. Though treatment is currently being calibrated to find and stop the cause of Breast Cancer, doctors believe their identification process can be used to prevent colon, rectal, thyroid, and ovarian cancers within the decade.

What secret technology enables scientists to so specifically map the human genome? A major leap in genetic mapping technology is the answer to this age-old question. A newly developed software capable of identifying genetic signatures so advanced it can identify warning signs of impending cancers. Technology ripped straight from the pages of science fiction, and placed in the hands of modern miracle workers. Developed for the study of invertebrates’ survival in areas of extreme climate change, the breakthrough in technology came when scientists realized the same markers used to measure the changes in invertebrates, also applied to the human genome.

To map the human genome is to read the book of life. By identifying these markers, not only can scientists and clinicians better treat diseases, they can lessen the recovery time for patients. By clearly pinpointing the cause of such virulent cancers, we effectively remove the need to treat so aggressively. Current treatments for cancer can force the patient to endure hours of chemotherapy, leaving them weak and nauseated for long periods of time. Scientists hope that if the success of this breakthrough proves as effective in practice as it does on paper, cancer can be cut out before patients ever need to suffer chemo.

from Bjorn Koch | Healthcare


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