The End of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is more than an affliction, it’s a crime perpetrated on our loved ones. Too soon are we forced to watch memories of older family members slip away without the means to slow their mental degradation. It is precisely this reason that researches have redoubled their efforts to root out this terrible affliction, and see that Alzheimer’s disease is long forgotten. Recent breakthroughs in development have shown that potential treatments may not only work on Alzheimer’s, but also Parkinson’s and other brain disorders.

For years, the culprit of age-related mental ailments was thought to be a protein. Beta-amyloid, understood to accumulate in the brain with age, created blockages and damage resulting in many neurological disorders. This, says Mari Carrillo, may not be the answer. Chief science officer of the Alzheimer’s Association, Maria says “The one-target approach is probably not going to be the answer.”

Heeding her advice, several groups of scientists have begun a multi-pronged approach to treatment. Targeting a brain process that produces toxins inducing several damaging conditions with age, scientists are attempting new approaches to solve the same problem. Of these groups, biotech giant Treventis is working on one such treatment. Looking to contain their massive treatment to a daily supplement, Treventis hopes that a single pill can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Continuous research has led to some startling revelations in how this disease works. As we age, brain cells can fold. This folding, or as scientist have dubbed “kink,” results in a damaging clump of toxic proteins as each warped brain cell links with others. Testing on laboratory mice has proved positive, as both mice afflicted with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s made full recoveries after receiving treatment. Though tests are far from human trials, the future is bright. In a short time, the threat to memory loss may be a thing of the past.


from Bjorn Koch | Healthcare

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