Bayern Munich’s Mario Gotze

Football club Bayern Munich’s Mario Gotze is looking to perform some extra training and improve his personal game. Considered by some to be the weak-link of the powerful team, Mario was voted the disappointment of the season in 2014. Not taking this lying down, Mario is doing his best to make positive strides for his team and skills.

Coming on the heels of this news, competitor Manchester United voiced an interest in acquiring Mario, along with Bastian Schweinsteiger, 30, and Angel Di Maria. Fans of both teams are holding their breath for the final result of the trade talks, but Mario Gotze is focused on his personal training regimen over all else. Undergoing diagnostic testing at the Cologne Sport University, Mario is looking for any weaknesses in his form, and the means to correct them. “The visit to the sport university was very interesting to me,” Gotze said. “ I wanted to get a complete status on my body and my performance.”

Mario is eager to improve his game, seeking any opportunity to squeeze in additional training time. More than willing to push his body to the limit, Mario wants to reach his utmost potential to overcome his shortcomings from the last season. “I always want to reach the maximum and this can help me bring out a few extra percent,“ Mario said when questioned about his training program.

Utilizing the data from the sports analysis, Mario is already aware of areas in need of improvement. Bayern’s fitness coach Holger Broich has already begun the rigorous personal training program that Gotze is due to run, along with any training the team is set to undertake. With such an rigorous program set to challenge his weaknesses, Mario Gotze is ready to kick his shortcomings to the curb, and attack the 2015 season with a vengeance.

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