IndieBio: Silicon Valley’s Biotech Accelerator

Bjorn Koch IndieBioBiotechnology is the cutting edge of development. With advances once thought impossible coming out every day, the limits of imagination are all that bar the realm of discovery. And small biotech accelerator IndieBio, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, is looking to have their name on the next great evolution in biotech, writes Tech Crunch. Whether discovering the cure for diseases that have plagued humanity for generations, or creating a renewable source of energy to break dependence on fossil fuels, IndieBio looks to heal the world of its ills.

When understanding what IndieBio does, it’s necessary to know what a biotech accelerator is. The preeminent home for change and growth in the biotech industry, these accelerators supply scientists with the means and funding to pursue their goals in exchange for a stake in their discovery. Considered by many to be the cradle of innovation, Silicon Valley is home to many biotech accelerators, each with their own team of minds toiling away for the betterment of our future. From creating electric cars capable of traveling hundreds of miles on a charge, to powerhouse computers that fit in the palm of your hand, these scientists are answering questions both new and old. By supplying brilliant minds with the means to further their research, these biotech accelerators will foster the future, and IndieBio is doing just that.

With support from SOS Ventures, IndieBio is a standout bio accelerator with the power of a well-known company behind them. From 3D printed animal parts to artificial skin, the halls of IndieBio are buzzing with the hum of innovation. Biotech startups, each with their own unique mission, tirelessly pursue the fulfillment of their dream. As the first of its kind to focus on the development of 3D printed biopharma, IndieBio is staffed full of minds with their sights set on the future.



from Bjorn Koch | Healthcare


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