Bayern Munich Releases 2015-16 Schedule

One of the most popular German football clubs in existence, Bayern Munich boasts one of the most loyal fanbases in the sport. Founded in 1900 by eleven footballers (soccer players to the uninitiated), they’ve since grown into a staple of the game, routinely packing stadiums with more fans than other clubs. With over 25 national titles and 17 national cups, Bayern Munich is looking to charge onto the field and straight into the record books.
Looking for a repeat of their victory over Wolfsburg in the last term, Bayern is ready to put their turf to the test in the upcoming October match. With a record of 25 victories out of a total 34 matches, accumulating only five losses and four draws is an excellent record. While Wolfsburg stunned with a 4-1 victory, putting an end to Bayern’s undefeated run, the team is confident they will return to their glorious streak this coming season. 

Coach Guardiola, with two seasons of victories under his belt, has already begun preparations to take Bayern into its fourth championship. By focusing on possession based control, and a tight defensive game, Guardiola is confident in his ability to control the field. 

By bringing in Xabi Alonso and Juan Bernat, both accomplished players in their own right, Guardiola looks to pad the loss Bayern suffered when Robben and Franck Ribery suffered injuries in the prior season.
Though midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger’s transfer to Manchester United has left the team without a strong player and his accomplished leadership skills on the field, Guardiola is confident that with preparation and training, his team will be able to meet their rivals on the field on October 2-4. Fans are sure to enjoy a season of thrills as Bayern Munich prepares to outdo their previous records, and take home one more coveted cup.

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